Horse Panel

Our horses are the heart and soul of Old Stone Farm

We have 22 beautiful horses that put smiles on our faces, encourage us to laugh and “hold space” for us as we dive into our emotions.  We love them and respect them for the intelligent beings they are. They help us connect with ourselves, each other, and nature.

These beautiful animals are not your average “dude ranch” horses who plod along in a line. They are safe, caring equines who want to emotionally connect with Old Stone Farm guests, whether it is on the ground or in the saddle.

Eponaquest Experience 

Allison and Junior

Eponaquest experiences at Old Stone Farm can lead to:
Harnessing your power from within while connecting at a heart level to those around you. Learning to lead through relationship with respect and trust. Embracing the power of serenity and peacefulness while discovering the beauty in authenticity. Bringing self awareness to the forefront to help you embody your goals. Our gentle giants have been known to encourage everyone, from small children to wise elders, to discover and use the power within themselves.

All of our equine sessions are led by our Eponaquest approved EFL Riding Instructor, Allison Kraft.

Eponaquest Taster
A Taster is a 90 minute session designed to introduce you to Equine Facilitated Learning. These sessions can be conducted on the ground or in the saddle and are for equestrian and non-equestrians alike. We will be working in partnership with our wise equine facilitators to custom design an experience for you. Eponaquest tools focus on bringing awareness to your body, learning to use emotion as information, bringing authenticity into your life, and more! Allison offers sessions on Leadership, Body Awareness, Communication, Relationships, Boundaries and Life Changes. If you are interested in a session please let us know which Taster you are drawn to!
These sessions can be one on one or small groups of 3 or less. Sessions are done without others observing, respecting the privacy of our participants.

Eponaquest Riding Lessons
A riding lesson with a twist! During a private lesson you have the opportunity to ride one of our amazing horses with connection, trust and respect for one another’s emotions. Allison will be instructing you in classical dressage principles: rhythm, relaxation, connection, impulsion, straightness and collection. To deepen the emotional connection between horse and rider, all of our horses are ridden in Dr. Cook’s Bitless Bridles.


Eponaquest Workshops
Led by our equine partners, Eponaquest workshops introduce you to tools for developing emotional agility. You will learn to access body sensation and emotion to become a more authentic, creative presence. We will learn tools for building healthy relationships while nurturing our connection with horses and humans. We will learn and practice how to use the Emotional Message Chart, the Body Scan and Authentic Community Building skills. We will learn and practice how to set and maintain healthy boundaries with horses and humans. And we will recognize and move beyond conditioned behaviors and into peace, joy and authenticity.

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