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Thursday November 6th – Sunday November 9th

Join Dr. Berzin for a luxurious, clean escape with gourmet farm-to-table food, great people, and the chance to revive and restore. The retreat will allow you to reset your health, spend quality one-on-one time with one of Manhattan’s leading functional doctors, deepen your knowledge and understanding of the healing powers of food, and engage in the practice and science of yoga and mediation.  Book by September 21st and receive our rate of 25% off lodging.

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We are blessed to have both Robert Levithan
and Lauren Toolin presenting their work at
Old Stone Farm! Please join us and study
with one or both of these amazing teachers.

Entering a new Chapter: Curiosity as the foundation of Resilience with Robert Levithan

Friday November 14th – Sunday November 16th

The Workshop will invite the participants to explore and create what might be the next chapter in their lives. We will examine resilience skills and look at how to embrace reinvention as an ongoing lifestyle. To learn more click here.


Interior Design – Yoga for your Personal Evolution with Lauren Toolin

Friday November 14th – Sunday November 16th

Yoga is an alchemical science of energy and matter that, when practiced skillfully, leads to a profoundly healthy body, a clear and fearless mind, and a powerful and compassionate heart. Lauren will combine Yoga philosophy, asana, bandha, pranayama, and meditation, to bring a greater understanding of Yoga’s potential to redesign your inner world. To learn more click here.


Clear and Wise: A Yoga and Meditation Retreat with Marcela Clavijo

Friday November 21st – Sunday November 23rd

Our bodies hold emotions, patterns, stories, and dreams. Depending on our awareness of them, these phenomena can affect us and the quality of our life in ways that are either constructive or destructive. Through contemplative yoga practices and Buddhist mindfulness techniques, we can embody our awareness and inhabit our body with mindfulness. We can relate to our experience, and come to know ourselves as complete and awake beings. Join a group of fellow seekers for a deep retreat experience in which you help create a community of practice, study, and exploration. These practices can transform our life. To learn more click here.


Friday December 5th – Sunday December 7th

What do our nighttime imaginings have to offer us? Discover for yourself with Layne Dalfen. Dalfen, a nationally recognized radio and television dream expert, and published author, will discuss a six-step process on how to decode those sometimes, strange images that come to us at night. To learn more click here.

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